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Regular drop-in studio hours:
Tuesdays & Thursdays 12 - 4 pm.


There's TONS happening this fall at the Pandora Arts Collective, and everyone's invited! On October 29th, we're hosting a scrumptious Cupcake Challenge before, and a Poetry Reading after our annual AGM*.

There will be plenty of food, fun and warm fuzzy feelings for everyone.

You can find more information, and how to donate your help in other ways (like through our Go-Fund-Me campaign) here at

*AGMs are very short, and held after all the fun. We take nominations from the floor, so if you have a heart for serving, a passion for art, and a yearn for improving a community, mental health, and connecting to people, this might be a good fit for you. New Board members are not expected to do more than get a feel for us in their first year, so wow, a win-win time-wise for busy people who want to contribute!

Go Fund Me Campaign link:
Mental Health through Art: Together


Event is at: 1923 Fernwood Road, in Victoria, BC.

1:30 - The Great Cupcake Challenge

2:30 - Annual General Meeting

  • Hear about the past year
  • Find out about PACS's past year
  • Support PACS's future plans

3:30 - Open Mic Poetry Reading

"That which creates itself cannot be destroyed"

The Pandora Arts Collective Society is a registered non-profit society that runs Open Studio programs. We also sponsor and collaborate on various community and art events throughout the year.

Our motto, "That which creates itself cannot be destroyed," echoes the empowering effect that creating art in a group setting has for individuals and their communities.

In the original myth Pandora had a honey jar full of blessings from the first created woman. Pandora (meaning all giver) opened the jar and blessings flew away, but she contained hope.

Hope - belief in the possibility of fulfillment. Creativity is a hopeful endeavour to express oneself to others as a gift.

Important News: We are now a Canadian Registered Charity, as of August 3, 2012. We will issue charitable tax receipts for any donation of $20 or over.

Go to our Donate page to contribute.

We also have a Facebook page.

We are promoting a GoFundMe campaign.

Help keep the doors open at a unique art studio! Self determination, emotional safety, and community make this dynamic project work. We need you!

We have mounted the Go Fund Me campaign because despite our best funding efforts, grants haven't quite matched up. There's a gap. Something of a desperate shortfall.

We are asking you to share this on your networks. Consider too, donating a mere $20, the minimum amount a charitable receipt is available. If 500 people send just this small amount each, we will be able to keep the studio going, healthy and whole, for a good six months!

Go here to participate.

Or for other ways to donate, go to our Donate page.

Thanking you for your generous support in advance,

The Artists of the Pandora Arts Collective Society.

Inclusive Leadership Cooperative & PACS

Lindsay Beal, former Lead Facilitator, attended an Inclusive Leadership Summer Gathering. A fellow participant interviewed Lindsay about how she put those principles into practice at PACS. Read more.


Thanks to our sponsors & donors: