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It only costs $10 to become a member of the Pandora Arts Collective Society.

Your $10

  • helps sustain the PACS weekly studio program
  • waives one month of studio fees.
  • demonstrates the community support that goes a long way to show potential funders how our mission and vision brings people together.
  • ensures that you will be notified of upcoming shows and openings of the collective or individual members.
  • means that you will have voting privileges at General Meetings.

Consider also going to the Donate page to make an even bigger impact on community wellness.
* To Join or Renew by cheque. Click here to open a PDF member form, print it, fill it out, and mail with a cheque made out to Pandora Arts Collective Society, 1923 Fernwood Rd.

* You can also pay to Join or Renew through a PayPal account, or with your credit card. Click on the Join or Renew button below. Include your e-mail so we can thank you!

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250-920-7227 (PACS)
1923 Fernwood Road
(In the newly renamed Paul Phillips Hall)

(See Studio page for map)

Mailing Address:
1923 Fernwood Road
Victoria, B.C.
V8T 2Y6

Board of Directors:
Contact the Board through the Office:

The little fernwood gallery is sponsored by the Fernwood Community Association and maintains an affiliation with the Pandora Arts Collective Society.
It is no longer a program of PACS. It is coordinated and maintained by the Fernwood Community Association.