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Participant’s Art:

Pandora Artists create work for their own well-being as well as to contribute to the visual culture of Victoria. We exhibit work in two group shows each year (In June and December) and also share our art year ‘round at cultural events in support of creativity and mental health.

The Little Fernwood Gallery grew out of a collaboration between PACS and the Fernwood Community Association. When PACS got its charitable status approved, we were required to withdraw from the LFG management, but continue to benefit from a collaborative relationship with this amazing, small gallery. LFG is maintained and coordinated by the FCA. For info contact the Office of FCA,

To see more of the art in the LFG gallery visit their site at

Shows by individual PACS artists can be viewed in the Archives of little fernwood gallery :

Below are links to our group shows over the years.


PACS Group Show "With Glowing Hearts" June 2017

PACS Group Show "Together We Can Move The World" December 2017


PACS Group Show "Metamorphosis" June, 2016

PACS Group Show "Solstice Serenity" December 2016


PACS Group Show "We Are The Storytellers" June 2015

PACS 10th Anniversary - Founding Members "4 X 4" November 2015


PACS Group Show "Where Art & Life Collide, Spirit Blooms" June 2014

PACS Group Show "Bonding Through Art" December 2014


PACS Group Show "Rosie & Gertrude " June 2013


The videos below were created in the PACS studio under the mentorship of Morgan Tams ( as "Artist In Residence" with a grant from the City of Victoria (Fall 2014).

A short documentary about Pandora Arts Collective

Bella's Mexican Hat Dance by Don Rands

Featured Artist - Don Rands ↓


Group Animation ↓

Featured Artist - Devorah Stone ↓

Devorah Stone - Improbable ↓

Devorah Stone - Bird on a Wire ↓

Featured Artist - Madchina Hexubus ↓